What is the cost of employee sleep deprivation to your company?

Research from Harvard Medical School shows that one-third of employees aren’t getting enough sleep to function at peak performance. That means reduced  workplace performance, including:


  • Poor decision making
  • Reduced problem-solving abilities
  • Decreased reaction time and situational awareness
  • Increased irritability and lower stress tolerance
  • Inability to stay focused
  • Difficulty concentrating and learning
  • Poor memory/unable to retain information
  • Taking longer to complete tasks
  • Decreased communication and flexibility
  • Decreased motivation
  • Depression/Anxiety


“It is common for managers and colleagues to look at a lack of focus or motivation, irritability, and bad decision making as being caused by poor training, organizational politics or the work environment. The answer could be much simpler – a lack of sleep.”

From The Wake-up Call: The importance of sleep in organizational life by Hult International Business School.

In the workplace, this phenomenon is called “presenteeism” – your employees are there, but they are not really there. And it’s costing you!

How much?

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that insomniacs were so consistently tired on the job that they cost their employers the equivalent of 7.8 days of work in lost productivity each year – an amount equal to an average of about $US2,280 in salary per person.

And according to research published by Deloitte Access Economics and the Sleep Health Foundation, sleep deprivation among Australian workers is costing the nation’s economy more than $26.2 billion per year, with employers wearing nearly $7 billion in direct costs each year.


“Lack of sleep substantially reduces workplace productivity through absenteeism and presenteeism — reduced working days and reduced productivity while at work,” the report reads.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

How to Sleep Well offers corporations customised and research-based solutions to address the issue of Sleep Wellness for all levels of employees. We offer:


  • Corporate seminars and workshops  introduction to sleep science, sleep improvement strategies and solutions to facilitate a foundation for change
  • Individual Employee Assessments  wellness reports and action plans customised to each individual

All How to Sleep Well programmes are customised to serve management goals and workforce optimisation.

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